Athens... from above by night half day full day


Athens... full day

This tour will reveal to you the Athenian glory starting from the ancient times and concluding to the modern lifestyle of the Greek capital. Athens will amaze you with its cosmopolitan character and with its friendly and hospitable people. When you will see the scenery of beautiful monuments and buildings cover in sunlight, taste the delicious gastronomy and talk to the locals then you will understand how this city preserved through the centuries its one of a kind personality and still today is one of the top holiday destinations in the world for every season of the year. Make sure that you include Athens at your next trip to Europe or make it your next stop during your cruise at the Mediterranean as you can start your tour from the Airport or from Piraeus Port . Our experienced drivers and guides know how to make a busy day into a memorable day. Trust them to drive you thought the best possible route and share with you their knowledge about the sites that you are about to visit and the modern life in Athens and in Greece.

Our first stop is the Acropolis, the trademark of Athens, where you will see the Parthenon and other temples including the Propylaia, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike. Next stop is the imposing temple of Zeus that will surprise you not only with its story but also with its size. After the temple you will visit Kalimarmaro Stadium, an ancient stadium used during the antiquity but it also hosted the first modern Olympic Games and it’s still in use. Our next stop is Lyccabetus Hill from where you will enjoy a panoramic view of Athens, Piraeus and the open sea. Then we will visit the House of Parliament and the monument of the Unknown Soldier, where you will see the ritual of the changing of the guards. After enjoying your lunch and wondering at Monastiraki area, a traditional Athenian neighborhood, with the narrow streets among neoclassical buildings and amazing view of the Acropolis, you will visit the Acropolis museum. In the museum you will see the treasures coming from the rock of the Acropolis, such as statues and ornaments that will make the glorious past come alive.


Athens... 5 hours tour

In Athens the things to see and do are endless and we can offer you the most of it! The chosen tour gives you the opportunity to experience the finest of the Greek capital especially if you have one day or even only a few hours.

The tour will start by visiting the Holly Rock of the Acropolis. There you will see the Parthenon and other temples including the Propylaia, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike and you will stand at the heart of the city of Athens. Our next stop is the Temple of Zeus, an architectural masterpiece dedicated to the father of all gods and all men. Driving to the temple you will see Hadrian’s Arch and the National Gardens, a breeze of green in the heart of the city. After the temple we will visit Kalimarmaro Stadium, the symbol of the Marathon race but also the symbol of the Greek belief of wellbeing, followed by Lyccabetus Hill from where you will gaze upon Athens and let your eyes wonder till the open sea. Our next stop will be the House of Parliament and the monument of the Unknown Soldier, where you will see the soldiers performing the changing of the guards. Next we will drive through Monastiraki area, the most picturesque neighborhood of Athens, built around the slopes of the Acropolis giving a nostalgic touch with its neoclassical architecture. 


Transfer/Tour from Port to Athens

Transfer/Tour from Airport to Athens

Athens... from above

Offer yourselves and to your loved ones the magical experience to see Athens and the sites from above, an exclusive service that only we can provide. This once in a lifetime tour starts by approaching Athens over the historical island of Salamina. Then the coastline of Athens turns into the historical center where you will fly over the Acropolis, the temple of Zeus, Kalimarmaro Stadium and Thission.

There is also an extended version of this tour that includes the Marathon Lake and the battlefield in Marathon and also the breathtaking view of Sounion and the temple of Poseidon.


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