Autumn Colors

Autumn is, for many, the time of year accompanied by a sweet melancholy. Melancholy because summer with its holidays and neglect ends and the rhythms of everyday life slowly return to their usual levels. The weather changes as well as and with him, the mood, as the cold and the rainy days do not encourage us to make plans to get out of the house. But this melancholy is sweet, because autumn makes sure that the transition from summer to winter is smooth and in some cases, when it has done a great job, we even look forward! Autumn’s arrival is accompanied by the beautiful colors of nature that envelop the landscape with warmth, the scents of the few flowers left, the mingling of the rain with the soil but also the autumn fruits such as apples, which open the appetite for the creation of delicious recipes.

In Greece the role of autumn is much more difficult because it has to compete with the magical Greek summer. For over three months nature in Greece has been giving its best and of course there is the sun, which is present daily, makes everything shine with light and sets the mood for everyone regardless their age. So how do you compete with a season that no one is ready to leave behind? The answer is given by the sun itself, which does not seem to be able to separate from Greece and its beauties either! In Greece, autumn has no red, orange and brown leaves, no clouds to travel to the sky, but it has beautiful sunshine free from the summer heat. It has cool breezes, which wind up unexpectedly still full of summer aromas and brief storms that last so long to cool the atmosphere, and then the sun smiles again. The sweet autumn gets the intense heat of summer, but it holds the warm sun and beautiful light that scatters everywhere. A light a little different as it no longer shines brightly, but scatters the nostalgic autumnal melancholy. A visit will convince you of the uniqueness of this time of year. You will love the destinations outside of Athens that will welcome you with the appropriate warmth to get to know them and see the sites and monuments colored in unique shades. Athens and the islands will show you a person you had never imagined, as the vibrant rhythms and crowds have subsided and they all seem to be preparing to embrace another season that is about to come.

Choose from our destinations like Athens, Delphi, Meteora or even Argolis and other places in the Peloponnese to turn into an unforgettable autumn destination! Contact us to make autumn your favorite season and Greece your favorite destination!

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