Day Trip From Athens

Can you make a day trip to Greek islands from Athens?

Οur company takes on the organization, the transportation and the tour of one-day excursions by cruise ship or private jet to Hydra, Poros, Aegina and many other magical islands of Greece. Our luxury vehicles and jets promise to you magical holidays of comfort, relaxation and fun in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Can you do day trips from
Athens to Santorini?

The one day trip from Athens  to Santorini can be made by private jet or helicopter or inflatable speedboat or private yacht.

The tour of the island is carried out in combination of the above mentioned means of transport, with luxury vehicles and experienced professional drivers.

From the black and red sandy beaches to the charming villages to the breathtaking views of the Caldera, Santorini is known as the Pearl of the Aegean. This tour allows you to explore Santorini at your own pace, with an experienced local private guide who will take you to the places and sights that interest you while visiting Santorini’s most famous sights.

See sights like the village of Oia, with its whitewashed houses and winding streets. Visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri, a prehistoric village preserved in volcanic ash. Or climb up to Profitis Ilias Monastery, the island’s pinnacle, for stunning views of the Aegean coast and meet the monks who live there. Our drivers will take you off the beaten track, to places often overlooked by tourists, and you will discover the real Santorini.

After your private tour you will return to Athens or be able to extend your stay by informing us before the start of the tour

it should be mentioned that the helicopters only fly during the day

How many days do you need in Athens?

If you are visiting Athens, you will need at least two days to see all the sights and notable parts of the city.
A one-day tour of Athens can reveal to you the magic of ancient Greece as well as the modern culture of the capital. Your visit to the sacred hill of the Acropolis, dedicated primarily to the goddess Athena, with the Parthenon, the Propylaea and the Temple of Nike highlighting the ancient architecture that influenced the intellectual and archaeological elite of the world. Your tour of Athens also includes the visit of the impressive Temple of Dia which was one of the largest and most imposing temples of antiquity.
Next stops, the Kallimarmaro Stadium, (the stadium that was used in ancient times but also hosted the first modern Olympic Games and is still in use), the trilogy of Athens, the ancient market and of course the museum of the acropolis which houses admirable statues and treasures of ancient Greece.
Certainly one day of your tour of ancient and modern Athens should be dedicated to visiting the impressive Temple of Poseidon (God of the sea). The imposing Doric Temple, the magnificent panoramic view, the spectacular sunset and the deep blue waters of the Aegean will make your walk on the Athenian Riviera unforgettable.

Is a day trip to Delphi worth it?​

The excursion to Delphi is one of the best day trips from Athens.
The trip is comfortable and pleasant, as the rural landscapes and admirable villages of Central Greece create a magical picture for the traveler.
The sacred oracle of Delphi was the spiritual, religious, athletic and economic center of antiquity as well as the symbol of the unity of ancient Hellenism.
The myth and stories about Zeus, Apollo and the navel of the earth since ancient times have created a unique image and reputation for the place of Delphi.
Entering the main area, you will follow the footsteps of the ancient Greeks on the Sacred Way, and admire the Athenian treasury, the temple of Apollo and the beautiful theatre of Dionysus. If you want to explore, further up is the ancient stadium, rebuilt by the Romans.
It is worth noting that the monument is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Archaeological Museum of Delphi
In the museum, you will have the opportunity to admire wonderful sculptures and objects, such as the Sphinx of Naskia, the famous bronze chariot and many other treasures excavated in the site and the surrounding area from the late Mycenaean to the early Byzantine period.
After the tour of the archaeological site we will stop at a restaurant to enjoy a delicious Greek lunch
After lunch we will stop in the picturesque town of Arachova for a walk.
Then we will take the route back to Athens

What are the best Day Trips in Athens?

The best day trip and places to visit near Athens are Marathon and Sounio Tours.
Starting from Athens our first stop will be the lake of Marathon, an artificial lake surrounded by lush green natural beauty. Here, walk leisurely towards the Marathon Dam. Fully clad in virgin white marble, it is the only marble dam in the world.
Next stop will be the Marathon Museum houses the finds from the Battle of Marathon and the Panos Cave from 5300 BC to 3200 BC. Prehistoric finds from the Necropolis of Chepi and the settlement of Boriza BC: clay artifacts, statuettes, tools, stone tools, pottery, late Roman finds (dedicated to the great orator Herodes Atticus of Attica). You’ll also admire the Roman sanctuary of the Egyptian gods, founded by Herodes Atticus (2nd century AD). Statues of many Egyptian gods are also on display. The collection also includes some steles commemorating the victory over the Persians at the Battle of Marathon.

Next stop is Marathon Tomb. The Ancient Tomb, also known as the Athenian Tomb, is located on the Athens-Marathon Highway about 4 kilometers in front of Marathon City. It is the final resting place of 192 soldiers who died in the Battle of Marathon. Marathon is an alternative trip for those who want to see something different in the Attica region. Everyone has heard the story of the Athenians beating the Persians in a marathon.
Imagine having to march thousands of miles only to be wiped out by an army a fraction of your size 27 miles from the city you intended to conquer. Learn about this bloody battle that took place in 490 BC. During the first Persian invasion of Greece, learn how fallen soldiers were cremated and buried in this tomb to commemorate their sacrifice and bravery. 

By exploring and visiting the area of Marathon you will learn the story of the soldier Pheidippides, who was considered the fastest runner of the Athenian army at the time, sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce the Athenian victory against the Persians.
It is said that he ran the entire distance without stopping and entered the assembly of the Parliament, where he exclaimed “Nenikikikkamen” (We crushed them) before collapsing and dying.

The classic marathon race is held to commemorate this historic event. The race is held every second Sunday in November and is a major global sporting event.

Then we will visit a restaurant overlooking the sea and you will try traditional Hellenic cuisine Then we will visit the area of Sounios with the temple of Poseidon The temple of Poseidon stands overlooking the Aegean Sea.
At our destination the Temple of Poseidon stands gazing at the open sea. The foundations of the temple, which were mostly made of marble were laid in the fifth century, but it took longer to complete as the temple suffered greatly. Although only the ruins remain, visitors are still impressed by its beauty and glory that the nature around it helps to make it more impressive.

Once the tour of the Temple of Poseidon has been completed we will return to Athens via the coastal road where you will enjoy the view on the open sea.

What is the best half-day
trip from Athens?

For visitors to Athens who do not have much time, they can take a 4-5 hour private tour and admire the magic of ancient and modern Greece.
The company proposes two private tours, so that visitors can choose.

The first private tour option includes a 4-5 hour tour of ancient Corinth, which from ancient times was considered one of the richest cities in Greece.
You can admire the Isthmus of Corinth that connects the Saronic Gulf with the Corinthian Gulf, the Corinthian Isthmus has been built on the ruins of the ancient diolkos.
The ancient diolkos was a paved road on which ships glided with the help of logs, ropes and workers.
The presence of sailors in ancient Corinth during the towing of the ship resulted in the economic development of the area.
We will then head to the city of Ancient Corinth.
The archaeological site of ancient Corinth is located at the northern foot of Mount Acrocorinth, around the ancient temple of Apollo.
Extensive excavations have revealed the city’s Roman Agora, temples, fountains, galleries, baths and various other monuments.
The archaeological site also houses the museum of ancient Corinth.
The Museum of Ancient Corinth was founded in 1932 to house many artefacts from archaeological excavations.

The second tour option includes a private tour of Athens.
In Athens the things to see and do are endless and we can offer you most of them! Your chosen private tour gives you the opportunity to experience the best of the Greek capital, especially if you have a few hours.

The tour will start with a visit to the Holy Rock of the Acropolis.
There you will see the Parthenon and other temples such as the Propylaea, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike and you will find yourself in the heart of the city of Athens.
Our next stop is the Temple of Zeus, an architectural masterpiece dedicated to the father of all gods and all men. Driving towards the temple you will see the Arch of Hadrian and the National Garden, an aura of greenery in the heart of the city.
After the temple we will visit the Kallimarmaro Stadium, the symbol of the Marathon route and the symbol of the Greek belief in prosperity, followed by the hill of Lycabettus from where you will gaze at Athens and let your eyes wonder out to the open sea. Our next stop will be the Parliament and the Monument to the Unknown Soldier, where you will see soldiers performing the changing of the guard. Then we will pass by the Monastiraki area, the most picturesque neighborhood of Athens, built around the slopes of the Acropolis giving a nostalgic touch with its neoclassical architecture.


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