Greek Cuisine!

There are countless reason to travel and they are all correct! Those who love to travel, and there are many of them, give all kinds of reasons, sometimes those reasons are so original that surprise those who hear them since they have never thought of them before! For that reason nowadays there are many kinds of tourism in order to satisfy all the different needs people have. There is the tourism that we all know, the one that we first think of when we hear about travelling and it includes visiting famous monuments and museums that are iconic universally. There are those who prefer adventurous vacation, full of adrenaline and out in the nature. Also, nowadays, agritourismo is getting more and more popular, as many people choose to spend their vacation in beautiful cottages and small farms cultivating the earth and taking care of the animals. For a portion of the population there is also medical tourism, during which they visit places with the right climate and with access to hot baths in order to relief illnesses that trouble them for a long time or even for years. Although, there is an element that is common for all the above mentioned types of tourism and affects all people regardless their financial capacity; food! Nobody can deny that gastronomy is part of the civilization of a country and that food helps us to understand better the culture of the country that we are visiting. In Greece food is a revelation for those who have never visited it before! As most arts and sciences, and generally pretty much everything in a Greeks’ life, food comes from the ancient times. Modern technology has helped us to analyze samples from pots and containers found all over Greece and from various historical periods and determine that a great number of the modern recipes have travelled many centuries with just a few changes to end up on our plate. Modern Greeks are demanding with their food and they seek not only interesting flavors and combinations of ingredients, but also quality and freshness and the use of the best ingredients available. For us here anything can become the reason to sit around the table to eat and drink with the company of our loved ones and apart from the given laughing and teasing, sometimes our gatherings are accompanied by singing and dancing. Of course either is a gathering of friends or a family gathering, the only sure thing is that it will last for hours and everybody gets to leave the table more than full! Our private tours will give you a taste of the Greek cuisine and if you will choose a destination outside of Athens, we will make sure that that you will enjoy all the local specialties of your chosen destination made from ingredients grown by the Greek land and with a hint of the Greek hospitality! Let yourselves taste unique flavors and perfumes no matter what your dietary preferences are and enjoy meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and of course, the king of them all, the Greek salad like never before! For those who dare, our company gives you the opportunity to learn how to cook some of the famous Greek dishes at our cooking classes. From the ancient times till today, offering food to someone is, for us Greeks a sign of love and affection and we are waiting to prove to you. Ask as and enjoy Greece on a dish!