In Greece we welcome the spring!

Spring is here and in Greece is a reason to celebrate! Here the good weather is not the only reason for us to celebrate, since we are very lucky to enjoy sunny days all year long. For that reason in Greece we love the sun, the heat, the light and the fact that we can enjoy all that undisturbed till October!

People’s mood change and they start going out more often, not only the day but also the night, for food, coffee, a drink or even just for a walk to one of the many beautiful neighborhoods in Athens. The shops have tables outside and slowly they start to prepare their roofs as well in order to welcome summer that is coming.

This time of year people begin vaguely to prepare their summer vacation with ideas about which island to visit this year. Before summer vacation thought, Easter plans come first. Greek Easter is a very special holiday with customs and traditions that have their roots many centuries ago. Christian Easter celebrates Jesus’s resurrection but the Greek Easter hides elements that celebrate nature’s revival, fertility and life itself. Ancient Greeks loved spring and they managed to celebrate its arrival with a variety of rituals that each one of them had a purpose. The first of these celebrations was dedicated to the blossom of the flowers, to wine since it was the time of the year that they used to open last year’s bottles that were mature and to the spirit of the dead. It is very interesting that spring rituals were the starting point in an individual’s life since they were the first to ever participate at as children.

The connection is unique since a child can be used as a symbol of life and youth and they make their debut as an active member of the society during spring celebrations that worship youth and life. The above is just a small taste of the mystery and magic that surround the myths and the traditions of the Ancient Greeks’ that still reflect into the life and the traditions of the Modern Greeks.

In this time of the year starts also the tourists’ season since our country welcomes the first summer visitors. The beautiful weather combined with the activities that we offer give you the chance to enjoy ancient history and sites with great activities tailored just for you! Put Athens and Greece on the top of your list with the places that you must visit in the spring and summer and you will live a wonderful experience. Our private tours will make sure that you will live this experience to the fullest. Athens and the Greek countryside will make the myths come alive. The sun and the perfumes make our summer private tours even more irresistible! How can you resist Athens, Delphi and Meteora in the summer?

We are waiting for you!