Greek Hospitality!

There have been times that all of us wanted to fell spoiled, to buy things and do activities not because it is necessary but simply because we like to enjoy being taken care of. For many people a gift to themselves is travelling. By travelling they learn about different civilizations and cultures, they expand their horizons but they also enjoy affordable luxuries that make them feel really special. In Greece you can enjoy beautiful islands with magical beaches, luxurious resorts with restaurants and spas and of course vivid night life for every taste and economical ability. In Greece thought we have another hidden treasure, the notorious Greek hospitality. The Greek word translates into “I love strangers” and from the ancient times occupies a special place in Greek people’s heart and mind. The foundation were set from the ancient Greeks who place hospitality above all the other values and rely on Zeus, the most important of the gods as he was the father of all men and all gods, to protect it. When a stranger appears at someone’s doorstep the home owner has to get them into the house, give them clean clothes and the ability to clean themselves, gives a dinner party where they can eat and drink and in the end they ask them about themselves. Then they offer the stranger to help them if necessary and before they leave they give them presents to seal the friendship that will bond them from then on. If they would meet again, they would have to honor the special bond that hospitality created between them. If someone disrespected a stranger or they were not good hosts, they would have to face the rage of Zeus. This belief and these practices, only slightly altered, still apply today since they have very strong roots in Greek people’s conscious that lasted though the centuries. Let the Greek hospitality to make you feel special in a way that only here is possible. You will feel its heat wrapped around you, since there is nothing that you may ask that will not be given to you with a smile and even with something extra as here in Greece we love to share! Even in big cities like Athens, strangers exchange comments, jokes and, if necessary give their help in any time. Try to talk to people on the street and you will be surprised as they will respond with the greatest of ease! Even if hospitality is not something plausible, in Greece you can feel it in the air and for that reason almost all visitors have a personal story to share. Our private tours are a form of affordable luxury that will introduce you to the Greek history and hospitality through luxurious VIP services. Take with you on your way home besides the photos and the souvenirs the satisfaction that you discovered the real Greece and the real Greek hospitality!