Delphi to Meteora 2 day tour with Private Bus

How long is the drive from Delphi to Meteora?

The distance between Delphi and Meteora is approximately 240 kilometers (150 miles), and the driving time can vary depending on traffic, road conditions, and other factors.

Assuming normal traffic and road conditions, the estimated driving time is around 3 to 3.5 hours. However, our experienced drivers always check the current traffic and road conditions before starting the vip tour from Delphi to Meteora.
Our trip to Delphi and Meteora starts from Athens, despite that in communication with us we can pick you up from the starting point or the hotel you prefer.

Can you do Delphi and Meteora in one day?

Delphi and Meteora have a lot of history and important sights to visit, you should spend at least 2 days to make your dream trip comfortably and without rush.
It is not possible to visit Delphi and Meteora in one day cause of the many archaeological sites in both areas and the route of the journey.

The perfect duration of the Delphi to Meteora Tours is to take at least 2 days to visit both of them, giving you ample time to explore each site fully and at a more leisurely pace.

There are several ways to get from Delphi to Meteora

  • By car: We can accommodate you from Athens International Airport, Piraeus Port, Rafina Port, Laurio port or your hotel locations and transfer you to Delphi & Meteora with one of our luxury cars & taxi.
  • By Bus: If you are planning to be a large group on this tour, the best solution is to choose one of our private and luxurious buses for your transportation.
    Our experienced drivers and tour guides will be at your side 24 hours a day
  • By Van : Traveling with a van can offer several benefits and unique. experiences. Transport by van offers comfort during the journey and is ideal for families with children and for those who want to have as many things as they want with them.
  • By helicopter : Choosing a helicopter for your Delphi to Meteora Tour is an exhilarating and unique experience. First of all helicopters can travel mutch faster, can land in more inaccessible locations, offers a comfortable and luxurious experience, and provides you spectacular views of the landscapes.

Our vip tours are full organized and will provide you a custom all-inclusive tour package with private transfer, guides & licensed drivers.
Whichever type of transport you choose, the only sure thing is that your tour will be comfortable and unforgettable.

What is there to see between Delphi and Meteora?

The route between Delphi and Meteora offers plenty of opportunities to explore some of the most picturesque and historically significant destinations in Greece. Here are some of the most notable places to visit along the way.

The chosen tour starts with a two hours’ drive thought the Greek countryside along fields, lakes and mountains. Not long before reaching Delphi we will drive through Arachova, a beautiful little town which is a ski resort but gives the impression that came from the past.
Then in one of the slopes of mount Parnassus there is Delphi and the oracle. The oracle was a temple dedicated to god Apollo where people or even cities could consult the god about important decisions which the god was giving through his priestess.
The whole area around it was part of the sacred site and you will be able to see the treasuries, where the gifts were kept, the sacred spring called Castalia, the theater and the stadium where the games to honor the god Apollo were taking place.
Finally, after meal, we will head to Meteora and explore all the nature of the site and the monasteries.

These are just some of the many destinations and attractions that you can visit along the way from Delphi to Meteora. With so much to see and do, you’re sure to have an unforgettable journey through one of the most beautiful regions of Greece.


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The charge for the tours and transfers is based on the vehicle used, therefore is per vehicle and not per person.

The price includes the driver and the vehicle. Our drivers are very knowledgeable and can give you all the information about the archaeological sites, ancient history but also modern life and culture, although are forbidden by law to enter the sites with you. If you wish someone to enter the sites with you, we can arrange for you to have a licensed tour guide with an extra cost.

Our prices include the driver with the vehicle, fuel and in case of a trip outside of Athens it also includes the toll fair and the driver’s accommodation. The prices don’t include the fees to the sites, meals and in case of a trip outside of Athens your accommodation.

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